Butterball saves Thanksgiving dinner via text, Wilke Global is there to help!

Our friends at Butterball have some lessons for all of us in consumer affairs. First, they are one of the few that have commercialized the value of consumer care. The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is a terrific example of taking consumer affairs capability and leveraging it to provide both real benefits to consumers and a great story about the brand that can be used effectively in both PR and advertising.

The Turkey Talk-Line is one of the most seasonal consumer care operations. Ramping up to engage tens of thousands of consumers in a few days is quite a trick, the team at Butterball wrote the book on scaling up quickly.

Butterball wanted to continue to innovate and for 2016 they decided to help consumers with their turkey preparation via text messaging, or SMS. At Wilke Global we have been supporting clients who wanted to text enable their operations for some time, but the scale that Butterball could expect in such a short time, was a unique requirement.

The Butterball team did a tremendous job securing publicity for their text-enabled support, generating many branded stories on high reach outlets including USA Today, the Today Show, NBC News, and People.

With such broad awareness the team at the Turkey Talk-Line offered help to more consumers than ever this Thanksgiving! Nearly 20 percent of the interactions were handled by text, and it seems safe to say that Butterball put to rest once and for all the question ‘do consumers want to use text messaging for customer service?’

There are clearly some adaptations needed to deliver service via SMS. Rebecca Welch, seasonal brand manager for Butterball observes that “Consumers are comfortable communicating via text message in all areas of their lives.  Using text messaging for consumer affairs activities is a logical extension.”

The team at Wilke Global is proud to have played a supporting role in Butterball’s great service. We are pleased to help one of our clients do great work for their consumers and we are glad to have met the high standards. Rebecca noted that “while daunting at times, the Wilke team was always there to methodically and efficiently ensure the technology met our business needs as well as delivered a great consumer experience.”

If we can help you connect to your consumers via texting, please let us know!

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Topics: best practices, strategy, consumer care operations