Wilke Global 2017 European Client Conference draws to a close

It was a pleasure to spend time with so many great clients at our European User Conference this week. We met in the beautiful Queen Victoria Park, home of the 2012 Olympic Games and were treated to some beautiful London weather, including actual sun and blue skies!

Clients joined from around the UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Saudi Arabia and more, coming together to share best practices, pick up ideas from the Wilke team, and hear what we have planned for the future.

While the attendees supported a wide range of products (including meat, snacks, healthcare, beauty, baby products, tea and more) it is always inspiring to see the commonality of topics, processes and challenges that enables great learning across industries. Some of the ground we covered included:

  • The evolution of General Data Protection Regulation and consumer privacy practices
  • Covering small markets with unique languages and consumer compensation challenges
  • Evolving UK consumer preferences and contact channels
  • Approaches to analyzing and leveraging the voice of the consumer
  • How Brexit is impacting staffing in UK-based multilingual contact centres
  • Best practices in handling product issues and crises

Many thanks to all who journeyed from near and far to come together – we look forward to the next opportunity to see you all together again.


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