Why should marketing invest in consumer affairs? Wilke Global makes the case to Chief Marketing Officer Online.

One of the challenges we hear from many consumer affairs teams is the ongoing effort to engage constructively with their marketing teams. In many cases this starts as work to bring in the voice of the consumer and to get an ongoing 'seat at the table.' Ultimately, the objective could be for consumer affairs to be recognized as a brand building activity and invested in accordingly.

We recently had the chance to talk to Chief Marketing Officer Online and used the opportunity to educate their subscribers on the case for investing in consumer care.

Have a look at the video: LINK (Note: ChiefMarketingOfficer.Online is now the OnConferences Brand Marketing Conference - however the video is available about halfway down the page)

Feel free to use it as inspiration or as a tool to help convince your brand team to invest in consumer affairs work!

The key points?

In a world of increasing fragmentation brand builders face smaller consumer segments, who shop in more diverse store formats. This leads to more SKUs that sell in lower volume. At the same time these consumers consume more media types - making it more difficult to reach the right consumers. All while facing an ever more competitive market.

Given the attractive demographics of consumers reaching out to consumer affairs, as well as the ability to create favorable behavior and drive word of mouth through service - we recommend a deliberate marketing investment in consumer affairs!

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