Understanding the consumer affairs audience

‘Who are we talking to?’ is a fundamental question for consumer affairs. Are they brand loyalists or ‘extreme couponing’ aficionados? Do they match up with our brand prime prospect? Do they represent the overall population?

The answers to these questions would inform quite a few decisions about how much to invest in these consumer engagements and how to listen and make use of their feedback.

While many consumer affairs groups have conducted surveys to better understand their ‘audience’ there are some challenges inherent in that approach. Robust surveys to understand consumers are complex and long. The investment in expertise and handle time to conduct those may not be a choice that many are willing to make. Additionally, many of the questions can be awkward in a consumer care context (‘What is your household income?’) and can create substantial response bias. (For more on survey research see our prior blog post on the topic).

We worked with one of our clients and data provider Nextcaller to build a more objective, robust view of consumers who are calling one of their brands. The results were fascinating!

We found that the consumers who were calling this brand were a very unique group when compared to the overall US population. There were a handful of key findings, consumers who called this brand were:

  • From households with considerably higher incomes than the overall US population
  • Much more likely to be married
  • More affluent than the overall US population, with a higher instance of high net worth households and considerably more likely to own their primary residence
  • Very well educated – completing college and graduate degrees at considerably higher rates than the US population
  • More likely to be over 56 years old than the overall US population

Home Ownership compared to US Population

 In this example we compare the proportion of home owners vs renters in the consumers who contacted our client to the overall US population.

Additionally we found that more than 40% of the consumer calls came from mobile phones, suggesting that the trend we see towards texting as a care channel is likely to continue.

We will continue to work with our clients to build the body of knowledge about consumers who engage CPG brands (on other dimensions as well, such as our prior look at consumers as influencers). This is important for all of us to understand as we work to build consumer affairs as a discipline and an investment option for CPG brands!

If you are a client and interested in participating please let us know! If you are not a Wilke Global client but interested in working with us on questions like this – lets talk!


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