Tata Global Beverages

We are always delighted to see our clients having success within their organisation, so we were very pleased to hear that the Tata Global Beverages (TGB) CRS Project Team, Miranda Cooke, Liane McFetridge, Charlotte Moss, and Laurent Sagarra, has won a highly prestigious company award for their outstanding work on delivering and embedding Wilke Global CRS across all major markets. These awards are awarded annually and are judged by the business as demonstrating the company values of innovation and achieving the company values.

As Laurent Sagarra, Global Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs explained “The CRS tool has centralised, refined and improved our consumer relations processes throughout the entire business. It has a direct impact on our business objectives, provides key insight into our consumers and helps protect and grow our brands globally.”


This team had the challenging task over 2 years of rolling out a global directive to achieve consistency and standardization in quality reporting whilst at the same time being responsive to different consumer requirements across several markets.

Well done to all involved from both the TGB team and also the Wilke Global team members in Europe (Sumay Hwang and Vijay Mehta) who supported the project!


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