Reflecting on the 2017 Wilke Global Client Conference

It's hard to believe that our Client Conference in Charleston was a month ago. It seems like yesterday I was enjoying S'Mores Cake at Kaminsky's, marveling at the aquatic life in the South Carolina Aquarium, or hearing great accounts from the many client presenters. We strive to deliver tactical learnings as well as strategic insights throughout our conference. And, I think Charleston delivered on both fronts.

Two clients presented their recent experiences with brand crises, and the supportive capabilities within CRS. The first discussed how some unexpected negative publicity resulted in a temporary spike in contact volume, and the features within CRS that helped them manage this increase without affecting their routine consumer care efforts. And, Premiere Response talked about their efforts to manage a recall on behalf of a mutual client. At its peak, the recall resulted in over 80,000 contacts in one day, which is more than the brand typically receives in a year! Both offered great suggestions on disaster preparedness; contact your Account Manager or the Help Desk if you need assistance in implementing these within your organization.

The Hershey Company shared how it is using Amazon giftcards to create a better consumer experience as well as reduce internal complexities. Using a simple export from CRS, Hershey is able to quickly create Amazon giftcard links, which eliminates much Hershey's escheatment responsibilities as well as reduces fraud. The program also eliminated postage and printing costs - consider the cost in coupon fulfillment is at least $0.50 per coupon!

Our very own John Stieger discussed a methodology to analyze your contacts leveraging statistical functions to highlight where your contacts have changed and are worth investigating. Broadly speaking, historical data establishes baseline averages for your various subjects, and as new contacts are entered variances from these historical averages indicate potential issues or opportunities. The actual math can be a bit complicated and involves calculating the mean and standard deviation for each contact reason; fortunately, INCITE will do all of this work for you.

In total, the conference included over 20 breakout sessions with practical or hands-on lessons on how to do more with CRS, INCITE, and our other solutions. Some of the highlights from these sessions include:

  • A newer CRS client shared how their organization uses CRS tasks and surveys to escalate issues to QA to ensure everything is recorded within CRS.
  • How to implement CRS's Contacts Review to increase the accuracy and quality of responses to your consumer and prevent errors.
  • Findings from work to better understand the demographic profiles of the group of consumers who reach out to your brands. (For those of you who could not join us we will cover this in an upcoming webinar).
  • Tactics to easily and quickly incorporate contacts from a new territory or country including variations based on if agents are located in this new area and/or if other languages will be used.

Thanks again to all those who attended our 2017 Client Conference. We are already planning next year's event, and hope to announce exact dates and location soon. For now, I can at least say May is one of my favorite months 😉 Also, you can still access all of the conference slides and other materials on our support site.


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