A first - consumers automate customer service!

Bots for customer service have gotten quite a bit of press in 2016. From the automated email responses of the internet boom (remember Kana?), to the long standing use of IVRs, to web FAQs (perhaps the most successful self help approach yet) the idea of serving consumers at dramatically lower cost through technology is not new.

But, perhaps for the first time, the tables have been turned! Trim has come up with a bot that will talk to Comcast customer service for you!

The potential implications are fascinating - I can't help but imagine a 'consumer' bot negotiating with a 'brand' bot over a product complaint some day in the future.

For the near term at least I see this as a reaction to the dehumanization of customer service by some high volume service operations. As a software company we obviously believe in the power of technology, but for now the human touch is still front and center in the best service interactions!

Topics: Innovation, Back to Basics, best practices