Announcing the Wilke Global Partner Program

Over our 35 years in consumer care we have taken pride in offering software that could be implemented without hiring a giant system integrator or an army of offshore developers. However we have worked with some excellent companies who offer value added services that are absolutely appreciated by our shared clients. We are pleased to formally recognize these strategic partners as we launch the Wilke Global Partner Program.

Each of these firms is unique, but they all have deep experience in helping brands build and protect their business by engaging consumers. We are proud to recognize them, formalize our partnership, and welcome them into our 'extended family!'

Our Partner Program consists of two tiers. Wilke Global Platinum Partners have demonstrated end to end expertise from starting up and launching new Wilke Global installations to offering ongoing support and system administration. Our Gold Partners have built the capability to administer and manage Wilke Global systems in support of ongoing consumer care operations. 

The inaugural Platinum Partners are:

The inaugural Gold Partners are:

If you need help accelerating your program or need to bring in external system support to focus your internal resources this group is a great place to start!


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Topics: consumer care operations, partners