Columbus Client Conference Recap

Last week we had the great pleasure of hosting more than 100 clients in our hometown of Columbus for our 28th Client Conference. Interacting with clients is always one of the highlights of my job.

We opened the conference with detailed discussions on data security and privacy. GDPR is obviously front of mind for many at this time, and it seems half the headlines are about hacking. We pride ourselves on our record of secure data; it’s been focus of ours since we starting hosting systems nearly two decades ago. Our upcoming version of CRS - v10 - will be our most secure release to date. Contact your account manager to learn more or to help plan your upgrade.

We were thrilled to have so many client-led sessions during our conference. Hearing first hand accounts of managing change or overcoming challenges, is always valuable and instructive for those who may experience something similar in the future. I was pleased to see so many take advantage of our open office hour program where consultants and developer were able to work face-to-face with clients to address their specific needs and challenges. I was even able to make use of some of my Excel expertise.

No Wilke Global event is complete without an opportunity to network and socialize with consumer care compatriots. We introduced everyone to duck pin bowling at Pins Mechanical. And, I was was pleased to introduce so many clients to a local favorite of mine, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.


We haven't picked a host city for our next conference, but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for announcements on it...

 Thank you for joining us, for sharing your expertise, and for trusting us to help you build and protect your brands.

- Josh Wilke




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